health must: WHEAT BELLY

If you’ve got a big gut or  a sensitive stomach then you MUST read NY Times Bestseller Wheat Belly by cardiologist Dr. William Davis to see if any bells go off and/or pounds fall off.

a book about cutting wheat from your diet



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6 responses to “health must: WHEAT BELLY

  1. Marybeth Kingsley

    Wheat Belly changed my life. I read it, applied it and couldn’t be happier. I’m in my sixties. My belly is slowing getting flatter. The pounds are just now (July) starting to drop off – I started gluton free in April. However, my knees and my hips don’t ache any more. My blood pressure is lower and so is my fasting glucose. Why every one doesn’t give this a try is beyond me. It makes so much sense! AND, it’s easy!

  2. I have read “Wheat Belly” and some bells sure did go off..Very informative book.I plan to become if not wheat free then pretty darn close to it.

  3. Lisa L.

    Yes, read Wheat Belly and give up wheat and all grains and any “gluten-free” food too. Simple. Eat meat, dairy, fruit, nuts, and veggies. I gave up wheat in November of 2011 and have fewer allergies, better skin, better sleep, more energy, and my life is fuller. Is this difficult? It is challenging? Yes. Do you want to find out about modern wheat and what it is doing to you? Do you want to avoid RA, high blood pressure, and diabetes? How come everyone around you has a “wheat belly?” Even children have wheat bellies! Read this book! It will change your life!

    • I was gluten free for over two months and felt a MAJOR change in my energy level too. I was hoping for improvements with some skin conditions but didn’t see those results so readily. I am now gluten CONSCIOUS but not gluten free. Glad to hear you’ve had so much success.

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